Saint Dog - RIP Saint CD + Tee Bundle
Saint Dog - RIP Saint CD + Tee Bundle
Saint Dog - RIP Saint CD + Tee Bundle
Saint Dog - RIP Saint CD + Tee Bundle

Saint Dog - RIP Saint CD + Tee Bundle

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Ten (10) lucky fans will be chosen at random from the first two-weeks of the "RIP Saint Bundle" pre-orders to receive A MASK from PAKELIKA with their bundle as a special gift.

Pre-Order Bundle includes: 

Saint Dog "RIP Saint: The Lost Chronicles" CD
Some of Saints last recordings compiled by Zinger, Lil Saint (Saint's son), and his Family. These recordings will only be available in this package and are some of Saint's deepest and most moving songs. The CD also features the first recording where you will hear Saint and his son together. It will make the hair on your arms stand up!!!

The RIP Saint project has been really special for all of us at Suburban Noize Records and SRH. Saint has been family since the beginning and being able to share this project brings us great honor. We worked hard alongside Saint's son, Lil Saint and family to bring you something special on 'The Lost Chronicles.' These were some of the last recordings Saint did before his passing, so we wanted to put together the last piece of his musical legacy that paid tribute to him as the trailblazer he was. We got his Lil Saint to jump on a track with his father and listening back to it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. The whole project was a cool way to honor our brother, and it literally brought tears to our eyes when the SubNoize family all sat down and listened to the finished product. We hope the fans dig this, as much as we did putting it together to honor Saint and his memory. We are so excited to share this project with you. The track listing for "RIP Saint: The Lost Chronicles" will be announced closer to the street date.

RIP Saint T-Shirt (Size: M-4XL)
The RIP Saint shirt only available with this package. A very dope shirt honoring a true King.

Kottonmouth Kings "Kingdom Come" Deluxe Re-release CD
As a part of the package we are also re-releasing the Kottonmouth Kings "Kingdom Come" record. This is the last recording Saint did with KMK and is a special thing for the underground family.

Kingdom Come has the original disc but we included a second bonus disc making it a double album. It features rare and new tracks and remixes from Pakelika, Johnny Richter, D-Loc, Saint and Chucky DGAF, and more. We redesigned the entire packaging as well and included a 24-page tribute booklet honoring Saint Dog and Pakelika. Also included inside the packaging are messages from Saint's Son, Lil Saint, Pakelika's Mom, D-Loc, Johnny Richter, and Zinger. The booklet will feature never-before-seen photos from the Suburban Noize vaults. 

Last but not least we are giving you Kingdom Come, the picture book, and the bonus disc for FREE!!! We assumed that most of the people that will want the Saint Package are hardcore fans that originally ordered the Kingdom Come package when it was first offered by another label back in 2018. We know that a ton of loyal folks never got there packages and were left high and dry. That sucks!! Even though we didn't put out the album originally or have anything to do with the original pre-order, we wanted to make it right with the fans. For us its not about the fact it was a different label that didn't come through for the fans. It's that the people who have supported this music and lifestyle for decades, our family, didn't get what they ordered. We know the family are aware it wasn't us but we still have a responsibility to make it up as best we can. Dignity over dollars always!! So we included the new Kingdom Come in this Saint Dog package and anyone who got stiffed by the other entity will get a free Kingdom Come CD from your family at Sub Noize/SRH. We think it's the honorable thing to do and we are asking everyone to use the honor system too. So if you got jacked before and they never sent you your stuff, please check that box above and we'll send you this new bad ass Kingdom Come package for free with all the extras and a few goodies in each box for FREE. This is just our way of making up someone else's bad to the people in our underground family. We hope that everyone is stoked on the re-release and the RIP Saint package. 

Kottonmouth Kings "Kingdom Come" was the first time since the early demo days that D-Loc, Johnny Richter, and Saint Dog appeared together on songs for a full length album. The CD features Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Twiztid, and Dizzy Wright and we are happy to re-release it with the new art and some extra bonus content. 

We at SRH and SUB NOIZE didn’t release that first 2018 version of "Kingdom Come" so we have no way to know who got burned and never received a package. But we believe in honor, brotherhood, and family so we just ask that everyone does the same. Much love and respect to you all!!! ♠♠ 

CD Street Date: October 15, 2021 -- Bundle ships by October 6, 2021.