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Pakelika - The Smokin' Word CD

Pakelika - The Smokin' Word CD

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Pakelika's sophomore full length, The Smokin' Word is a bombshell on the music industry and political world the size of Hiroshima.

The enigmatic masked visual assassin Pakelika, has typically been associated with the music industry. As a member of California based rip-hop hybrids the Kottonmouth Kings, the masked giant has performed for millions of rabid fans all over the world throughout their decade plus existence.

Now, with the country in the verge of oblivion due to George W's reign of terror, Pakelika has shifted toward politics by throwing his name into the race for President of the United States. The move shocked the world and provoked a series of questions that have yet to be answered. Why is he promising free health care and to abolish homelessness and hunger? Who is this masked avenger that is stealing the spotlight from both the Democrats and Republicans?

With Pakelika's campaign being followed closer than the OJ trial since he unleashed his campaign platform entitled The 10 Campaignments. The platform outlined are as follows:

1) Marijuana will be legalized and decriminalized.
2) Hemp will become the gas and energy of the now.
3) You choose where your tax dollars are spent.
4) Health Care will be free.
5) I will not lie about blow jobs as I will receive at least three (3) a day.
6) The Piss Test will be abolished
7) Prostitution will be legalized.
8) Homelessness & Hunger will no longer exist.
9) Global Warming will be solved.
10) To put the soul back into this great nation of ours.

Pak For Prez, Pak For Prez, Pak For Prez.

Track Listing:
1. Youth of America
2. Inhale To The Chief
3. Late Fee's
4. Stay Awake
5. War Criminals
6. Murdr Murdr
7. Conscious Conservationist
8. The One That Did
9. Silence Is Everywhere
10. Drop It Pop It
11. Oh Ugot White Gloves
12. Freedom's Blood
13. Braggin' Rights Uno
14. Knowwhati'msayin'
15. Braggin Rights Dos
16. Nothin' Betta Than
17. In Closing