Mower - Make It a Double CD
Mower - Make It a Double CD

Mower - Make It a Double CD

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The hard rock genre generally evokes images of chaotic mosh pits exploding to a soundtrack of aggression. While San Diego based Mower has provided that very score for thousands of fans across the country, the group is showcasing their dual musical personalities by releasing a split CD with their own jazz/lounge alter-ego, Slower, entitled Make It A Double. The end result creates a stiff drink that combines adrenaline and a stony new vibe created by assembling mellow grooves with a punk rock thought process.

Recorded in Los Angeles, CA with producer Eddie Wohl (Anthrax, Dry Kill Logic, 36 Crazyfists), Make It A Double includes nine new Mower tracks that focus on harnessing the band's notorious live energy and rewarding their hardcore fans with as much humor, sarcasm and full-on antagonism as possible.

Weaving together numerous musical styles from hard rock to jazz, Make It A Double unleashes Mower's heaviest songs to date while Slower experiments with a new style of punk jazz like a twisted lounge act in a Tarantino film. One minute the band is coming at listeners guns blazing and in the next moment they're sipping martinis in 3-piece suits grooving to an infectious jazz beat.

Track Listing:
1. The Party
2. Wolves
3. The Start
4. Shneak
5. The Song We Don't Speak Of
6. Escaped
7. Sicko
8. Alien
9. Faded
10. Road Rage
11. Pieces
12. Undone
13. U Turn
14. Shut Up And Skate