King Klick EP CD + Sticker Bundle
King Klick EP CD + Sticker Bundle
King Klick EP CD + Sticker Bundle

King Klick EP CD + Sticker Bundle

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Bundle includes a King Klick 'King Klick' EP CD and the Limited Edition King Klick album cover sticker.

The King Klick was founded by Johnny Richter (formerly of the Kottonmouth Kings), Chucky Chuck DGAF, and Obnoxious. The time is right for the King Klick and we can't wait to share this new music with you. The fellas went into this project with an energy that hasn't been captured since the early Sub Noize days. The studio sessions were fueled with an incredible amount of creative energy and a whole lotta good herb. What came out of them is what many are calling the best music they have heard from Sub Noize in decades. When asked where the inspiration and creativity came from that made these songs one member simply said “the fans, this one is for the fans who rode with us during some wild times.” For everyone at the Noize that was pretty dope to hear and the energy has spread from the King Klick to us and now to the worldwide Sub Noize Family. Here’s to another decade of defiance!


  1. Throne of Spades
  2. Sub Noize O.G.'s
  3. Everyday (Feat. Whitney Peyton, Hed PE, Madchild, and Dropout Kings)
  4. Who's Next?
  5. Spaceships (Feat. Underrated and Son of Saint)
  6. We Want It All (Feat. Hed PE and Madchild)

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