Spaded Download - JOE CRIMO
Spaded Download - JOE CRIMO

Spaded Download - JOE CRIMO

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Our brother Joe Crimo has left us but his legacy will live on forever. A true innovator in surfing Joe was doing things on surfboards decades before everyone else and way before it was accepted by the mainstream. He was a true Southern California legend. From music, art, skating, surfing Joe could do it all and do it with his own unique style. Joe was a part of the SRH family from the very start and we will miss him dearly. We made these shirts to honor his legacy and who he truly was. All the proceeds will go to his family help with funeral costs and arrangements. 
As an added bonus every shirt sold will come with a download of the film Spaded that Joe made capturing a moment in time where a crew of aerial surfers laid the foundation for generation's to come.
Joe Crimo, Eric McHenry, Gavin Beschen, Zach Rhinehart Gregory Domingo, Gavin Sutherland, Goose, Brack, Gorkin and others...

With Music by:
Big B, Kingspade, Last laugh, Mower, Saint Dog, hed PE, Machild, Unwritten Law
Aoki, Chris D, James Arnold, J.L, Joe Crimo, Lob, Melanie Crimo,
Michelle St. Clair, Paul, Spence