Duffle Bag Bundle
Duffle Bag Bundle

Duffle Bag Bundle

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The new SRH duffle bag is badassery!! It can carry a few pounds around or your boxing gear and maybe both. HAHA. Joking aside we are stoked on these and we are offering two different packages that come with a beanie, water bottle, and some dope new stickers.

 One package has just the SRH logos on them and the other package we made for those of us who love MMA and Boxing and is a collab with our friends at BRAVEN. We made a very limited run with Braven and we wanted them to be limited and special for those of us

 who enjoy the sport. SRH has always been involved in fighting. From the early punk shows (HAHA) to SRH sponsoring everyone from Chuck Liddell, Nate Diaz, Rashad Evans, and Keith Jardine back in the day. Fighting and MMA has always been a part of Supporting

 Radical Habits. When the UFC took off, we were one of the first companies to step in and sponsor the fighters and we did for years. Then when all the corny MMA brands popped up and you would see these steroid bound bullies pushing people around yelling TAPOUT,

 we decided that we didn't want to be involved in that. Nothing against UFC or MMA at all. We still supported a few fighters and stayed active in the scene but we didn't want to be associated with those other brands or the bully kooks that seemed to follow

 them. With Braven, we wanted to pick a company that is underground but is a big part and played a massive roll in MMA and Boxing. Braven is a new brand that has been around for a while via its founder Rob Garcia. Rob is from Hawaii but spent many years in

 Mission Beach where SRH started during the glory years. He was a fighter himself but went on to train many World Champions in both boxing, MMA, and surfing. The list of people Rob has worked with is too long to list them all but names like Oscar De La Hoya, Mayweather, Sunny

 Garcia, Kelly Slater, and Makua Rothman might ring a bell. Rob was also part of the coaching staff of the 96 Olympic USA Boxing Team and his contributions to his passions of Boxing, MMA, and Surfing are endless. He is someone who truley Supports Radical Habits and We are stoked on this collab and proud to do it with one of the most respected people in the fight game and surfing. We hope you dig the package!!!