Kottonmouth Kings - Kingdom Come [CD]

Kottonmouth Kings - Kingdom Come [CD]

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Featuring 16-tracks and a bonus disc of rare cuts an unreleased track from Johnny Richter.

Kingdom Come was the first time since the early demo days that D-Loc, Johnny Richter, and Saint Dog appeared together on songs for a full length album. The CD features Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Twiztid, and Dizzy Wright and we are happy to re-release it with the new art and some extra bonus content making it a double album. It features rare and new tracks and remixes from Pakelika, Johnny Richter, D-Loc, Saint Dog, Chucky DGAF, and more. We redesigned the entire packaging and included a 24-page tribute booklet honoring Saint Dog and Pakelika. Also included inside the packaging are messages from Saint's Son, Lil Saint, Pakelika's Mom, D-Loc, Johnny Richter, and Zinger. The booklet will feature never-before-seen photos from the Suburban Noize vaults. We felt with the re-release, it would be a respectful way to honor our fallen brothers and the contribution they both made to the underground.


  1. Intro
  2. Last Kingz
  3. Til I Die
  4. K.L.I.C.K
  5. Smoke Weed With Me
  6. Loyalty Is Royalty
  7. Legacy Lives
  8. Kali Treez
  9. Still Smokin featuring Sen Dog of Cyrpess Hill
  10. Ride or Die
  11. One More
  12. Head Spin
  13. Krowntown featuring Twiztid
  14. You Kant Break Uz
  15. We Got It featuring Dizzy Wright
  16. Higher Baby

Bonus Disc Tracklist:

  1. Kottonmouth Kings - We Got It feat. Dizzy Wright (Kingdom Come Remix)
  2. Kottonmouth Kings - Kali Treez (Kingdom Come Remix)
  3. Kottonmouth Kings - Head Spin (Kingdom Come Remix)
  4. Kottonmouth Kings - Higher Baby (Kingdom Come Remix)
  5. D-Loc - We Keep Smokin’ (Remix)
  6. Johnny Richter - In My Head [Previously Unreleased]
  7. Pakelika - I'm Still Number One
  8. Johnny Richter - Aint No Future In Yo Frontin’
  9. Saint Dog and Chucky Chuck - 2 of Americas Most Wanted