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Meet our good friend Lyon Herron, a true fighter.

Hey all, my name is Lyon Herron and over the past 22 months I have spent 368 days in the hospital dealing with life threatening illnesses. I'm currently trying to manage a 15cm non-operable soft tissue tumor in my abdomen, a small intestine fistula ( hole in my intestine ) that has been leaking septic fluid into my blood for 22 months now, a non- operable cobweb like soft tissue mass that has intertwined itself in and through my mesenteric artery, and for the past 6 months I have gotten my nutrients through an IV using TPN ( Total Parenteral Nutrition ) without eating anything.

I have exhausted all western medical options and am currently seeking an alternative approach to treating these issues. There are treatments that look promising out of country as well as natural supplements that all aren't covered by insurance. Right now I'm leaving no stone unturned and am working with medical mediums on top of looking at any and every option out there that would help fight these extremely rare tumors as well as trying to get the hole in my intestine to finally close so I can eat once again.

This has been an extremely tough journey, the hardest fight that I have endured thus far. I have been blessed with the best and most supportive family, friends, and community but I need to ask for help once again...

Through my journey, I have learned that life is so precious and that we shouldn't take anything for granted as there is always someone who has it worse than us. With this experience of battling most of my life, I have realized that all I want to do is help others with my story and to inspire as many as I can to see the beauty in everyday.

Thank you in advance and also for the continuous love and support.

Love you all,


Lyon Herron

“Life is about pushing through discomfort and overcoming pain to never let anything stop you from truly living live to the fullest. 

Lyon Herron embodied this mentality from an early age. Born with a rare genetic mutation called Gardner's Syndrome, at age 4 Lyon had developed a golf ball-sized tumor in his hip. By 7, he had developed tens of thousands of cancerous polyps.

From there, it was colon cancer. Countless rounds of chemotherapy. Stem cell treatment. Healers in Brazil. A 6-pound desmoid tumor. 

All before the age of 15…

For many, Gardner’s Syndrome is a source of great suffering. One that spells the end of “normalcy.” To Lyon, his disease was a calling. One that empowered him to build mental fortitude and share this unshakable attitude with the world.  

In his battle, he found his voice.  

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Lyon took refuge in SoCal’s diverse elements. He engaged in creeds shared by people across the world—surfing, skating, snowboarding, and riding motorcycles.

It was in the sea, streets, snow, and sand he found community. And it was here he washed away the chemicals, doctors’ visits, and surgeries. Each terrain offered him solitude, away from fluorescent lights and hospital waiting rooms. Though the medical treatments helped Lyon survive, it was that powerful ebb and flow of these elements that gave him life. A life of sunshine, skating, and surfing... 

...the life of a normal SoCal kid.

Then, at 15, his last bit of ‘normal’ was threatened. A life-altering surgery was trying to take away everything he loved most. 

In the face of difficulty, Lyon had to become his own source of fierce positivity and strength. Gardner’s Syndrome was his burden to shoulder, and if he was to move forward, it would have to be on his own terms. But he knew he couldn’t do this alone, and thankfully, Lyon had his incredible community behind him

Six weeks after his surgery, Lyon was back in the water. Lyon held a newfound respect for life which fostered his positive attitude — one that would seek joy in every moment. 

But Lyon’s story was just beginning. 

“Life is like the waves. The good comes and goes regardless of how much we want it to stay. Everything in life is ultimately temporary. But there is always room for hope.” 

During one of the most difficult times in his life, Lyon found comfort behind the lens of a camera. He began sharing his photography, life lessons, and story through social media. As his followers grew, Lyon discovered he had a unique gift for making connections, giving hope to others, and inspiring them to overcome their struggles with courage and joy. 

The pillars and principles that shaped Lyon’s upbringing:






Today, Lyon lives with 13 active tumors. One is life-threatening and inoperable. Lyon continues to embrace life.

Ly&Co was founded on January 1, 2020. A Lyon Herron LLC company and partnership between Lyon Herron and his fiancée, Danica Locker. 

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