SRH Spaded Regime Official Documentary

At SRH we take pride in the fact that we are able to discover next level athletes and support them. We were one of the first companies to get behind the future of action sports, even before it was the “cool” thing to do; from being one of the first companies to sponsor Aerial Surfing, to being one of the first companies to support Freestyle Motocross, WE WERE THERE, before the big companies bought their way in.

We believe that the next wave of “UNREAL” are these crazies right here, risking life and limb, purely for the love of going all out on a Harley.

That being said, we’re proud to introduce THE SPADED REGIME. 

Hed PE "Madhouse"
Madchild "Monster"
Slaine "Evolution of the Kid"
Slaine "Destroy Everything"
Mower "Pieces"
Slaine "Crazy" feat. B-Real x Jaysaun

RELEASE DATE: Jul 25, 2017