HERE WE GO!! (Hed) p.e. and the Dropout Kings teamed up with DJ Lethal for the reLOADED version of BARTENDERS. The song packs a punch like Mike Tyson in the 90’s. The song is the first single off a split EP between the two bands and also features a Glitch Gang Remix with (HED) p.e., Twiztid, and Crazytown, a new (HED) p.e. song called “Boot Hill'' and the only place to get “Hey Uh” on CD. The Art is by one of the biggest legends ever Jim “Taz” Evans. We made limited amounts and the preorder includes a collectible digi pack and your choice of two t-shirts. The preorder will ship weeks before it’s available digitally so snag em while you can.
From 1991 to today SRH has been a driving force in the So Cal music scene From promoting shows, putting out records, to gearing up bands. SRH family of bands include everyone from Pennywise, Common Kings, Sublime, HED PE, Offspring, Slightly Stoopid, The Kaleidoscope Kid, Dropout Kings & King Klick.
Check out the West Coast Reggae Vibes playlist we did with our family at the The Pier Magazine. Has some old school SRH family bands like Sublime and Slightly Stoopid all the way to the new school like Kaleidoscope Kid.

The Kaleidoscope Kid sits down with The Pier at the Suburban Noize studio to tell the story of how he nearly died during his battle with an undiagnosed, autoimmune condition, sharing an insightful and honest inside look at how his music, natural medicines, and yes, shrooms, gave him a second chance at life. Check out the story!